On This Day In Tudor History

On This Day in Tudor History gives a day-by-day look at events from the Tudor era, including births, deaths, baptisms, marriages, battles, arrests, executions and more.

This must-have book for Tudor history lovers is perfect for:

  • Dipping into daily over your morning coffee
  • Using in the classroom
  • Trivia nights and quizzes
  • Finding out what happened on your birthday or special day
  • Wowing friends and family with your Tudor history knowledge
  • Researching the Tudor period

Written by best-selling Tudor history author Claire Ridgway, On This Day in Tudor History contains a wealth of information about your favourite Tudor monarchs, their subjects and the times they lived in.


Tudor New Year

Happy New Year! In this first video of a series, Claire Ridgway, founder of the Tudor Society and author of several history books, talks about New Year's Day in Tudor times.

Tudor Society members can find out more information about the origin of New Year gift-giving and the gift rolls of the Tudor monarchs in two video talks that Claire did for the Tudor Society. They can be viewed at https://www.tudorsociety.com/the-ceremony-of-the-new-years-gifts-video/

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